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The JCC Maccabi Games are not the effort of any one group, organization, or program. The Games are a celebration of our entire community where we come together to strengthen our identity, engage all of Jewish St. Louis, and build a foundation for continued partnership and sustainability. Together, we will build a healthier St. Louis – Jewish and beyond.

The 2016 JCC Maccabi Games in St. Louis will require the guiding hands of more than 1,000 volunteers. From administration to transportation – and everything in between – there are opportunities that fit your interests your talents and your time availability. Whether you volunteer during the week of the Games or in a role leading up to the event, the time is now to raise your hand.

We cannot do it alone, nor would we want to. Invest in the Games with your time and talent and, along with your friends and neighbors, help build an experience that will be remembered for years to come.

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Check out the FAQs below for answers to many common questions.


A: Yes, all volunteers must be 17 or older as of 7/31/16 for daytime shifts and 21 or older to volunteer for evening events.

A: It’s ok. Provide us with your information and we can discuss your availability and schedule at a future date.

A: It’s not important to know about sports; volunteers are needed in multiple areas.

A: No, the entire community is invited to take part in the Games, although the athletes and host families must be Jewish.

A: Yes, we will need volunteers from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm daily. We appreciate any time you are available.

A: Yes, however we recommend that you volunteer when your child is not competing, because you will most likely want to watch his or her event.

A: Contact the JCC Maccabi Games Hotline at 314-442-3420 or email [email protected]

St. Louis 2016 JCC Maccabi Games Steering Committee

  • Michael and Carol Staenberg, Honorary Co-Chairs
  • Mark and Nancy Kodner, Honorary Chairs, St. Louis Delegation
  • Thom Kuhn and Dianne O’Connell, Honorary Chairs, St. Louis Delegation

Events & Fundraising 

  • Jonathan Deutsch, Overall Co-Chair Events & Fundraising
  • Jennifer Deutsch, Overall Co-Chair Events & Fundraising
  • Stacy Abeles, Events
  • Sue Silverstein, Events
  • Mindy Horwitz, Community Connect
  • Lee Rosenberg, Community Connect
  • Julie Lander, Post Games
  • Mike Lander, Post Games
  • Stuart Block, Fundraising
  • Steven Rosenblum, Fundraising


  • David Roberts, Overall Co-Chair Competition
  • Donelle Roberts, Overall Co-Chair Competition
  • Billy Rubenstein, Athletics
  • Bryan Sanger, Athletics
  • Harvey Brandvein, Venues & Venue Management
  • Ron Gibbs, Venues & Venue Management
  • Jimmy Deutsch, St. Louis Delegation
  • Lisa Deutsch, St. Louis Delegation
  • Mark Gellman, St. Louis Delegation
  • Wendy Gellman, St. Louis Delegation
  • Ricki Rosen, Marketing
  • Stacy Schultz, Marketing


  • Marc Wallis, Overall Co-Chair Operations
  • Bud Wittels, Overall Co-Chair Operations
  • Laurie Chod, Volunteers
  • Erin Schneider, Volunteers
  • Helene Frischer, Housing
  • Phil Frischer, Housing
  • Greg Siwak, Housing
  • Stacy Siwak, Housing
  • Amy Fitter, Food
  • David Fitter, Food
  • Lori Sheinbein, Food
  • Thom Kuhn, Transportation
  • David Kaiser, Security
  • Seth Albin, Security


  • Fanchon Auman, Staff
  • Sarah Leisten, Staff